About ME

About Thomas

Thomas has lived in Leicestershire since birth. Having attended primary school in Ashby-De-La-Zouch and attending secondary school and sixth form in Nottinghamshire where he studied History, Politics and Business at A-level. 


Thomas has a keen interest in Business and Politics, particuarly at improving political representation and providing a more modern approach to representation.


Thomas has strong passion for amateur photography and filmography, having made content for small businesses and groups. Thomas also has a keen interest in flying drones, particularly on hikes and country walks (not near any aiports of course). 


Thomas also enjoys playing video games of various generes and is also an avid reader, you can normally find him out and about on a walk with either a science fiction or crime novel in-hand or a biography of some sort.


After completing his A-levels in 2015, Thomas joined the University of Reading as an undergraduate as part of the PwC Flying Start Accounting and Business Programme. After 4 years, Thomas completed his studies along and obtained a first class BA in Accounting and Business along with completing 1600 hours worth of practical work experience as a PwC placement student in his second, third and fourth year of university.


Upon graduation, Thomas was also awarded with the University's 'Outstanding Contribution to Accounting Programmes' award in recognition of his work as an elected representative of the Henley Business School for 2016-2018. 


Thomas is currently a member of the ICAEW and training to be a qualified ACA accountant.

Thomas first started his career undertaking various self-employed roles which included web design work, film production, video editing and hosting and directing online content in both business and finance, educational tutorials and workshops.


During university, Thomas was elected in his first year as the undergraduate representative of Year 1 Accounting students. This later progressed in Year 2 and 3 where he was successfully elected as the School representaive for the Henley Business School, representing around 5000 students, which included representing students at meetings with lecturers and directors of the business school as well as having the opportunity to sit as a student representative on the University Senate.


After university, Thomas secured a graduate position at PwC which saw him transfer from his work placement office as an associate in Cardiff between 2016 - 2019, to the East Midlands regional office as a senior associate in audit at the end of 2019.